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  • What is Vermeil?

    Vermeil is similar, as it is real 14k gold bonded to the base metal, however the base metal is silver, which is why it is more expensive. These pieces have 5 TIMES MORE GOLD than regular plating, so it is more durable, and will last longer while looking brand new. They can last for years, and you can shower, workout, and swim in them!

    Vermeil Collection 
  • Our Silver Jewelry

    Our silver jewelry is made out of 925 silver which is industry standard. All of our silver is stamped "925 Italy" indicating that the piece is silver and was made in Italy! 

    Silver Collection 
  • What is Gold Layered?

    It is real 14k gold bonded to the base metal which is stainless steel. These pieces can typically last for months on end with the proper care, such as not wearing it in water. Our gold layered option is also the most affordable

    Layered Collection 
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