Q : What is Gold Layered?

A : Gold layered is real 14k gold bonded to the base metal for more durability. Therefore, the gold stays longer and the piece will last longer. Our Gold Layered jewelry also has tarnish resistant coatings on them so they don’t fade/tarnish as easily as other jewelry you may get. It is the most affordable option as well

Q : What is Gold Vermeil?

A : Gold Vermeil is a layer of real 14k Gold over solid .925 Silver. It has 5 TIMES MORE GOLD than regular plating. Because of the increase in gold content, it is more durable, can last for years, and won’t fade/tarnish. It is a great option for the same color, quality, and longevity of Solid 14k Gold at a fraction of the cost


Q : What is the best option for me? Layered, Vermeil, or Solid Gold?

A : From a ranking of least expensive to most expensive, it goes Layered, Vermeil, then Solid Gold. Gold Layered is a great option if you don’t want to stress in case you lose it, break it, or if something happens to the chain. Vermeil is perfect if you want something a little bit more premium and want to dip your fingers into precious metals (because of the silver). Finally, Solid Gold is perfect if you want something that will look the same in 50 years. You can give that to your children, your children's children, and so on, and it will still look good. It all depends on your lifestyle and financial situation! Email us and we can provide you the best option and will answer any questions you have!